How far are we willing to go?

In Speed-the-Plow, Mamet satirizes the male ego in its relationship to Hollywood, Capitalism, Art, Relationships, Business, and Pleasure. Is Hollywood sexist? Yes, of course it is. Is it morally bankrupt? Sure. Is greed the prime motivator? Absolutely.

These are easy answers you could comfortably agree with on social media. But who are the people who adhere to these values? Are they all scumbags? Mamet, with a deft caustic touch, creates three character insights into the Hollywood movie making system.

Tonight, we aim to portray these ‘whores’ as relatable and identifiable people, warts and all. It may not be everyone’s dream, but if you had a chance to pitch a Hollywood movie and procure all the earnings, swag, and entitlement that could follow, – how far would you be willing to bend your moral integrity to achieve that aim?

David MacKay, Director
from the introduction to Speed-the-Plow
Mitch and Murray Productions

Review from Vancouver Presents

Studio 16

A few minutes from downtown, Kitsilano and False Creek, Studio 16 is the Performing and Multipurpose Hall of La Maison de la Francophonie de Vancouver.

Studio 16’s mission is to encourage community participation and opportunities for the arts, culture and multiculturalism to flourish in a venue that provides them with a place to create and a place to connect.

It serves the needs of its Francophone partners: Théâtre La Seizième, Centre Culturel Francophone de Vancouver, Visions Ouest, SFU and other Francophone or Francophile associations.

Studio 16 is home to many Francophone cultural, social and community activities: concerts, lectures, theater shows, movies, meetings.
It’s serving as well the needs of other partners, Vancouver arts and theatre organizations such as: Pink Ink Theatre, Vancouver Fringe Festival, Rumble Theatre, Mitch and Murray Productions, Touchstone Theatre, The Talking Stick Festival, Ninja Pirates Theatre Society.

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